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POSTPONED: EP release on 1st June

You know the saying "Everything that can go wrong, will go wrong?" Well, Life works in mysterious ways, because yesterday I woke up to the file of the sonata's opening movement being corrupted. The longest movement and majority of the work – gone. (What can I say – backups are important. You live and learn.)

So at present there's a finished recording of three out of four movements – but the most important one is missing. I now have three options:

1) Release the EP without the most vital part of the piece's structure: Impossible.

2) Create a quick, flawless digital audio rendering with a VST (aka let the computer play it): No chance. Many of my colleagues do this for one reason or another, but I am tired of the "stock music feel" and I'm certain many listeners feel the same way.

3) Re-record and re-mix the first movement, even though it requires postponing the release for a few days: Unpleasant (deadlines are not flexible in my mind), requires admission of having messed up (and with a rookie mistake to boot), adds a demotivating task (having to do the same thing again).

In the end, however, it boils down to which is more important: Meeting a deadline and saving face, or preserving the integrity and quality of the music? Looking at it from this angle, the answer is obvious. The release is therefore POSTPONED to Tuesday, 1st June 2021.

Apologies to everyone who had been looking forward to the coming Wednesday. I promise I'll make it worth the wait.

In the meantime, there will be previews of the EP here on Instagram. If you want to enjoy a recording right now, feel free to sign up for the newsletter on my homepage (link in bio) – it comes with a free download. And you'll also be notified (unintrusively) when the EP finally does go live.

...back to work now.

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