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Released: PIANO SONATA NO. 3 out now!

I am happy to inform you that the long-announced EP, Piano Sonata No. 3, is available now.

Whether you would like to listen to it or own it, the choice is yours:

  • Listen to it for free on YouTube.

  • Listen to it for free on Spotify (set to go live later this week).

  • Support the music and purchase it on the website here.

  • Purchase it on Amazon, iTunes, Bandcamp or your other favourite retailer. If the music moves you (positively or negatively), feel free to leave a review on Amazon – I'll be sure to read every single one.

What's next? Here are some of the things planned for June:

  • 15th June: Sheet music videos for the complete EP. (My treat for classical music lovers, music students and other analytical people.)

  • Opening of an online shop of sheet music, manuscripts and other special goodies – including that of PIANO SONATA NO. 3.

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